Do I need to book?
We really encourage people to book as it can get busy during peak periods. We generally can accommodate people who don’t book for a tasting for 1 or 2 people, but even still we encourage visitors to book where possible.
Where can I book for a tasting?
Please call us or text us on 0478181214, or email us at . We also do accept bookings over google business messages or Instagram/Facebook but we are most responsive to our mobile number on the day or day before due to working in the cellar door or vineyard.
Can groups come to your cellar door and if so how big is a group?

We welcome groups but please note if you are 5 people it is essential to get in touch with us for a booking, otherwise we may not be able to accommodate your group due to space restrictions, especially in peak seasons.

Do you do hen / stag groups or birthdays?
At certain times depending on the time of day or year we can host hen or stag tastings or birthdays but it is essential to book in advance for these unless your group is 4 people or under. And even then we’d really appreciate a booking to avoid disappointment.
Do you do weddings?
At present we don’t offer a wedding experience to the happy folks getting hitched

Food and Drink

Is there food available?

We are now partnering with Daylesford Picnic Boxes to create the perfect picnic at our vineyard. You can enjoy your picnic on one of the tables on our shady deck overlooking the sweeping vineyards, or bring along a picnic rug and enjoy it under one of the umbrellas on our lawn next to the cellar door. See our Cellar Door page for more details.

Also, due to the small size of our cellar door, we have no space indoors at present to enjoy food. As such, a picnic is only an option in clement weather or for those ready to brave the elements. Please note, we can’t allow any alcoholic drinks other than those purchased from us at the cellar door. You are welcome to bring any soft drinks.

If we stay for lunch how long can we stay?

Please book in advance if you’re wanting to stay for lunch as we have limited space (especially when Covid restrictions are in place). You are welcome to stay for an hour slot and we will reserve the table if there is availability and you’ve booked in advance.

Do you do soft drinks?

Generally no. During events we will serve soft drinks, but these aren’t available the rest of the year.

Venue Facilities

Is there wheelchair access?
At present we have limited access for wheelchairs, and we are working to improve our accessibility all round but we do have some access.

The cellar door has a ramp up to the deck, and then there are double doors into the cellar itself.

The driveway is roadbase so not smooth, but it is possible to park right next to the concrete or near the ramp to reduce time spent on the road base.

The loo has a ramp and a large doorway, but has been retrofitted to allow a small wheelchair only, and so is limited in its accessibility. It is also accessed over grass.

Is there anywhere our kids can play?

We have limited space for kids at the moment unfortunately but kids are of course welcome. There are usually some chickens or ducks near the cellar door to look at and there is a small grassy area near the deck where they can play, but we can’t allow kids to wander from their families.

However – please note, we are a working farm with tractors in operation and barrels stacked high etc. Please always supervise your children, no matter their age.

Can I go for a wander in the vines?
We are sorry to say the answer is an emphatic no to this – as it is with most vineyards.

This is because we are one of the only remaining regions not to have phylloxera, a nasty vine-killing pest that would devastate our vineyard and livelihood. It gets onto vineyards on the shoes of people who have been onto another vineyard suffering from this nasty pest.

Can I go for a walk round the other parts of the farm?
We are also sorry to say no to this. We are a working farm with a lot of machinery and dangerous working areas with machinery in operation and so request that all our visitors stay in the cellar door area, or lawn just next to the cellar.
Are there loos on site?
Yes – just one at the moment so is a shared gender facility.
Are you dog-friendly?
We are indeed. We ask that all dogs are kept on a lead at all times, for the safety of your dog, our animals and other people. We can provide water for your dog if you would like, please just ask.
Are you smoking venue?