Henry and Harriet Churchill took over the vineyard and winery in 2017, and are working towards biodynamic practices in the vineyard, and minimal intervention in the winery. They preference lighter, fresher and more vibrant styles of wine making, with less oak to allow the fruit to flourish, less extraction during fermentation to make sure the tannin and body balance with the aromatics.

Zig Zag Rd makes wine that express the coolest wine making climate of Australia – the Macedon Ranges. With hot days and cool nights, aromatics and acidity dominate, which is combined with beautiful flavours and textures from vines planted nearly 50 years ago, In 1972. There is a wonderful minerality in some of our wines due to the old, rich volcanic soil. We are so grateful to be stewarding such old vines, rooted so deeply in the earth that we can farm without irrigation.

Most of the wines are made from grapes on our 8 acre vineyard. We grow Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Our Kind Folk Sauvignon Blanc and Zig Zag Rd Pinot Grigio are primarily made from grapes from the neighbouring property, and so are grown under the same conditions as at the Zig Zag Rd vineyard in terms of soil, climate and season.

New to wine-making and viticulture – Henry and Harriet are learning! They have been collaborating with a range of different and wonderful wine makers and biodynamic viticulturist in the region.