Wine Folk Membership

Welcome to Wine Folk, for Kind Folk.

We’re bringing our farm and winery to your door, and inviting you to our farm and winery.

It’s for folk who don’t just want to consume, but want to get involved with the story behind their wine. To get their hands and heart into the soil, learn about wine making and grape growing, and share in the adventure with owners and vignerons Henry and Harriet Churchill at Zig Zag Rd. wines, just over an hour north of Melbourne.

If that sounds like you, we’ll send you hand crafted, minimal intervention Zig Zag Rd. and Kind Folk wine at the beginning of every season, appropriate for the season. You’re also invited up to our vineyard and winery to get involved and learn about our regenerative vision, farming, taste some special wines, and much more.


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Here are the tiers and benefits of the memberships. A detailed list of the benefits can be found below.

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* 12 month subscription, can be renewed annually.

Seasonal wine to your door

Winemakers and owners, Henry and Harriet, will hand pick Zig Zag Rd. and Kind Folk wines at the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter, with full winemaking and grape growing notes, and send them to your doorstep. The dozen wines we’ll select, plus the wine as part of your Kindness Voucher (below), comes to a value of $400. They’ll be appropriate for the season ahead, so expect springtime sparkling rose and heavier reds and whites through the colder months. Click here to see all our wines, and here to see the style of winemaking and wine, to get a sense of what you’ll receive.

Postage is included to all metropolitan/urban areas in Australia, and most of regional Victoria. Get in touch if you’re unsure if you’ll be included on the free postage.

Invites to working bees throughout the year
Working bees are a wonderful way to get to know like hearted wine folk, get out of the city and get your hands and heart into the soil.

This will be the opportunity to get your hands in the soil (and wine), and be actively involved in the many tasks behind the scenes.

As a Wine Folk member, you’ll be invited to a number of working bees throughout the year, which you can accept or decline as you wish.

To give a flavour of the work, think picking grapes and winemaking in the autumn, pruning and tying down the vines in winter; de-suckering and shoot thinning in spring, and canopy management in the summer.

We’ll provide all the training, biosecurity, equipment and skills you need. And a glass or two of wine at the end of the day.

Rhythm of the year at Zig Zag Rd. poster
Illustrated by the deeply skilled and close friend of Zig Zag Rd. – a core inspiration of our Kind Folk brand – Kirsty Moegerlein, this poster curates intricate detail into the rhythm of the work and seasons at Zig Zag Rd.. It’s a little memento of your membership to treasure. You can get a glimpse of what’s happening month by month, including the seasons of the Dja Dja Wurrung, the wildlife, and the human stories.

We’ll send your A3 poster with your first set of wines.

Wine Folk for Kind Folk voucher
Each voucher is for a winemaker led tasting experience at the Zig Zag Rd. cellar door, and a bottle of Kind Folk wine (amber, rose, red or sparkling). It’s designed to be given to kind folk in your life. Celebrate them with this beautifully designed voucher that shows how much you value their kindness.

Or, just be kind to yourself – very much encouraged – and the bottle is all yours.

The voucher is redeemable at our cellar door only.

Exclusive access to special wines

Members will get access to pre-releases, old vintages, and wines that are almost sold out.

Wine Fairy on "direct dial"

Members get access to the Wine Fairy: free delivery to your door on orders of 3 bottles or more, throughout your time as a member. Anytime you choose. This includes all of Metro Melbourne, and most of Victoria. Get in touch if you’re unsure if you’re eligible for this free delivery service. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to a dedicated website for your orders

Sounds of the Seasons mini podcasts
After we send the wines, we’ll send a beautiful “mini podcast” clip giving a few sounds of the season: you might hear and see, for example: a cacophony of pobblebonk frogs dwelling at the bottom of the vineyard; intense birdsong from the tree outside our house; the groans of the koala temporarily taking residence throughout November; the chaos of vintage (expletives included); a little story read by Henry or Harriet giving an update of the season.
We’ll send one every season, and aim to surprise and delight you. It will be another way to stay connected with the comings and goings of Zig Zag Rd.

Vine and wine discovery days
Welcome to our 10 acre vineyard and winery, just over an hour North of Melbourne in the Macedon Ranges.

Our Wine Folk memberships are creating a collective of adventurers interested in what goes into a bottle of wine. Not just minimal intervention wine-making, but also the real stories of the people farming the vineyard using regenerative and organic practices. These discovery days will bring wine folk together at the vineyard to get involved in the adventure.

The day will be imbued with the story of Henry and Harriet who are on their epic journey stripping off their corporate suits in 2018 to take the monumental plunge into making wine and growing grapes. Without previous experience!! They’ll give you the raw truth: the good, the bad and the ugly.

You’ll attend our farm with no more than 10 people and get closer to the story.

A day will look something like this:

Morning – growing: sharing the vision of the farm, a full farm tour from vine to wine, and getting closer to the regenerative farming journey we’re on. Click here to learn more about the interesting and innovative farming processes we’re developing at Zig Zag Rd.

Lunch: bring a pack lunch and we’ll sit out in the vines for a bite to eat and a chin wag.

Afternoon – making: learn about our winemaking at Zig Zag Rd.. The processes, the style, the outcomes. Of course, this will include a taste of the wines from the barrels and bottles. And a glass of wine at the end of the day on the verandah looking over the vines.

Included: teas, coffees, morning and afternoon snacks, lots of wine to taste, and a glass of wine
Excluded: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Please bring a pack-lunch.

Wine Folk members are welcome to purchase vine and wine discovery days* (up to 5 days per year), which will be a lovely way to see the processes and work over the seasons.

The days also make a wonderful gift for someone who loves wine, and you’re welcome to book in a friend to come on the journey.

* Vine and wine discovery days are an additional cost to your membership and can be purchased at any time.

Discounts on future wines
You’ll receive a unique code to receive discounts on extra bottles of wine throughout the year.
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