2022 Mataro


Notes of: Ronnie M; Lil P; Kim L; Pete & Daff; Amy D; Brian M; Claire C; Stuart & Gina; Vicky S; Ali F

Mataro (also known as mourvedre), is a red grape famously grown in Languedoc and the Cote De Rhone (France), and sometimes blended with syrah and grenache (GSM). It’s a wonderful varietal on its own, with a savory and reductive character.

Approachable and gentle, but also a richness that is very satisfying! Its many fans have reported that it’s more than a Pinot Noir, but less than a Cabernet and so is the perfect all-rounder.

This mataro, sourced from the Camel Ranges in Heathcote, was handpicked, destemmed and fermented on skins for 10 days, with gentle hand plunges once a day to develop delicate tannins. It was then racked (removing the gross lees) into stainless steel, then aged in old French oak for 11 months.

A medium bodied red, with cherry tannins and “gamey” character.

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