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Mataro is a grape from Spain, and used often in Cote Du Rhone in France. It’s sometimes known as Mourvèdre, and is the ‘M’ in ‘GSM’. It’s a wonderful fruit in its own right, known for its savory, meaty character. A bit like a Cabernet Sauvignon, but without the earthy tannins. It’s a favourite of ours, originally inspired by Al from Familiar Creatures (you should try his wines!!)

We sourced the fruit from a single block in the Mount Camel Ranges, where the earth is orange, the heat significantly higher than the Macedon Ranges, and the water abundant. The repeated trips out to the farm, running on vintage adrenalin, were to the sound-track of dark drum and bass. Listening to those tunes now takes me back to that moment of fun filled chaos.

We de-stemmed then naturally fermented in an open fermenter for around 2 weeks. The skins were so thick, the juice was too viscous to use our analysing equipment at first and we had to go on taste alone. We then racked straight to seasoned oak barrels to sit on gross lees. We wanted to get the gain from all that lovely sediment and skin material…but alas it turned a few barrels ‘reductive’ (where the oxygen is sucked out of the wine), and we spent many hours racking the wine to remove the lees and allow some air to ‘fix’ it.

After 10 months and a natural cold stabilization and malo-lactic fermentation, we put to bottle using our fancy new Zig Zag Rd. corks. Et voila!

We think it’s a great wine. Savory but plenty of fruit, smooth and light, whilst also having a delicious richness to it. A good food wine, but also great to drink without. It compliments some of our other wines really well, and it’s so fascinating how the fruit and terroir create such different taste sensations.

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