2021 Kind Folk Pet Nat


Kind Folk includes: Asha H, Claire DeW, Matilda F, Ben R, Katie H, Market Gardeners, Gilles L, Siggy, De & her ducks, Bernie & Adelle

Another wine made by Gilles. Pet Nat stands for ‘petillant naturel’: natural sparkling. The wine ferments on its own sugars, rather than adding yeasts and sugar – giving it a crisp, clean flavour on the palate. It also creates its own co2, providing a natural preservative.

We pressed syrah, nebbiolo, and mataro grapes from a beautiful vineyard in Heathcote. It then sat on lees (the natural sediment, proteins etc. from the grapes) for around 4 months to provide layers of flavour and complexity. This is about as natural as it comes, and we adore it. Creamy, smooth and effervescent Serve chilled and open slowly as she’s a bit lively.