2020 Kind Folk Rose, barrel fermented


~ Available to Wine Folk members only ~

Kind Folk includes: Madana H, Jeremy G, Harry H, Rayna F, Spencer E, Sarah A, Michael B, Luke W, Stuart B and Ben R

This is a barrel-fermented, cloudy rose and the first we’ve made at Zig Zag Rd.! Made by Henry and Harriet (with plenty of help from Stuart, Sarah and other friends), and from Zig Zag Rd. pinot, merlot and cabernet grapes.

We pressed immediately from the vineyard using a large basket press. The juice then wild fermented in seasoned French barrels (with a little help from the sun to kick it off – what a rollercoaster!!) to allow oxygen to interact and open it up a bit. We fermented the grapes separately and then blended them together in stainless steel when the ferments were ready, and periodically gave the lees a bit of a mix into the wine to add a little weight and texture.

This is a cloudy rose and we love how it looks so beautiful and unusual and has body and character. It’s not for the faint hearted, with plenty of lovely natural sediments floating around. In fact, give it a little roll before you open the bottle and mix all that goodness in. And the texture! The creaminess and weight give it such an interesting and full mouthfeel.

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