2019 Old Vine Pinot



Notes of: Love, Laughter, Questionable 90’s House Music & Dog-like joy

Wowzers. What just happened here? On the advice of Ben Rankin, that absolute wine-making legend, we for the first time decided to separate our pinot grapes, and make just a couple of barrels exclusively from a block of vines planted in 1972, nearly 50 years ago, rather than blending that block with some younger vines. At first we thought he was a bit crazy, and wondered why we wanted to add more complexity to our life. But he’s the other side of crazy: genius. To really understand this wine, we think you have to try the young vine and the old vine Pinot Noir’s together. They were picked at the same time and they’re from the same vineyard. The wine making process was close to identical (with little nuances in accordance with their ferments and characters): cold soaked for 24 hours; destemmed (not crushed) to leave whole berries; gentle extraction using just our hands and feet, once a day or less; aged in seasoned French oak for around 12 months. But what you have is a very different wine. Both delicious for different reasons and occasions. This one has depth and body, character with bright red fruits. We only made a couple of barrels of this in 2019, so it’s rare and going fast.

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