2019 Kind Folk Red, wild fermented


Kind Folk includes: Madana H, Jeremy G, Harry H, Rayna F, Spencer E, Sarah A, Michael B, Luke W, Stuart B and Ben R

Hooo hoo, do we love this one. Fruity, fruity, fruity. It’s a Zig Zag Rd. field blend, using grapes from beautiful vines planted nearly 50 years ago. Predominantly cabernet, then merlot. It was a ‘hold on to your seats’ wild ferment, anxiously checking (and hoping) if it started every day, only to find it was happy to sit there quietly and do things in its own time. But it did eventually kick off, and had a long and fairly cool ferment to dryness. It was fermented on skins for around a month, with a gentle extraction process, using a combination of our hands to ‘wet the cap’ and a metal plunger. Once a day only. We transferred it into seasoned French barrels (no new oak) and let it mature on its gross lees for around 14 months, where it went through a natural malolactic fermentation (a process that turns the malo acids to lactic acids, and makes the wine softer). 5 of us then nearly killed ourselves bottling it all in a day. But the aching muscles was worth it, and we love this wine. Enjoy.