2019 Kind Folk Pet Nat


SOLD OUT – New release coming soon

Kind Folk includes: Madana H, Jeremy G, Harry H, Jeff D, Scott R, Luke H, Taylor, Jarrah S, Tully, Erin K

Another wine made by Gilles. Pet Nat stands for ‘petillant naturel’: natural sparkling. The wine ferments on its own sugars, rather than adding yeasts and sugar – giving it a crisp, clean flavour on the palate. It also creates its own co2, providing a natural preservative.

We pressed merlot grapes from the Zig Zag Road vineyard, which, then added pinot grigio skins to give it the beautiful salmon/orange colour and texture. It then sat on lees (the natural sediment, proteins etc. from the grapes) for around 4 months to provide layers of flavour and complexity. This is about as natural as it comes, and we adore it.

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