Kind Folk is the most recent wine label to emerge from the Zig Zag Rd Wines community and was introduced the year we took over the business, in 2018. Kind Folk, at its heart, is a celebration of kindness and generosity. It was born out of the reality that making wine and growing grapes (and raising a bubba) is only possible when kind people are around.

Both originally from England, we have no family here in Vic, and so we wanted to develop a wine to celebrate the people who have given us so much support. Kind Folk embodies the story of the land on which the grapes were grown, and stories of the people who have come together to make this wine possible – including you. So when you drink it, we hope you are happy to be part of our Kind Folk community, a small way to celebrate the need for kindness, now more than ever.

We wanted to tell the story of the people who helped make the wine, rather than direct people’s thinking on what the wine tasted like. So on the Kind Folk labels, you’ll see the names of the Kind Folk who helped us prune, clean tanks, press grapes, or babysit, rather than traditional notes such as quince or spice.